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Our Mission

“Provide our customers high-quality parts, equipment, and engineering services in a cost-effective & customer-focused manner that exceeds their expectations.”

Our Mission Statement and Values are the foundation or forefront of everything we do!

Our Values


We hold our integrity in the highest regard. Every member of the Finch Team acts with honesty and adheres to the highest standards of moral and ethical values in our personal and professional behavior. We demonstrate our integrity in every action and decision. We stand firm in our commitment to transparency and honoring our commitments to each other and our customers. Our words are our bond. We do not manipulate delivery dates or use inferior steel or components to win orders. Our dedication to honesty ensures that you can trust the Finch Team!


Ensuring the highest quality parts and service is engrained in everything we do and is part of our company DNA. Everything is checked, verified, and documented throughout the design and fabrication processes. We only use the highest quality steel and components to ensure the best fit, form, and function. As the only company in our industry to be ISO 9001:2015 certified, we proudly adhere to these stringent quality guidelines as a testament to our unwavering commitment to providing the highest quality parts and service. Quality is the foundation for our 165 Years in the Service of Excellence.


We take great pride in our expertise and ability to provide high quality, long lasting and efficient parts, and a real ability to provide our customers solutions to their issues in a very timely manner. We have been designing and building industrial kilns and dryers for over 50 years. Each part is made from specific types of steel and hardened specifications if required to optimize function and extend its life cycle. We possess over 10,000 drawings, now digitized, of different parts dating back decades. Our team possesses hundreds of years of experience that is leveraged on every part or project to ensure the highest quality, shipped on-time, and it meets or exceeds expectations.

Customer Dedication

We are here to support you with empathy, respect and in a professional manner. We start with active listening and providing real information and solutions to empower you to make the best decision for your organization. Once you work with the Finch Team, you will know the Finch difference and that your requirements come first. Our customers have stayed with Finch for years because of our dedication to them and our record of results. If needed, we have had engineers onsite within hours and we have worked through weekends to fabricate trunnions in 36 hours. We will work closely with you to enhance your kilns efficiency, throughput, and life cycle. We will look to save your organization money via refurbishing trunnions where possible and standardizing different parts to reduce your spare parts, etc. We talk straight and honestly. We do not commit to unrealistic solutions or timelines to get your business.


Like QUALITY, TEAMWORK is a foundation of the Finch Family. Each day starts with a production meeting and all projects are reviewed by engineering, sales, and the production team. Even though you will have a dedicated project engineer, your part’s design is reviewed in detail by another engineer to ensure proper fit, form, and function. There is close and open daily communication throughout the whole process from order to delivery or installation. Our passionate team is open to new and innovative methods, believes in collaboration, and focuses on your goals. Our desire is to be an extension of your team by being your source for high quality parts and providing the effective communication and support you require to meet your personal and company goals.

A History of Quality Machinery Manufacturing

Established in 1855 by Ashael P. Finch as the Finch Company, Finch Manufacturing & Technology, LLC has a history of quality manufacturing dating back over 160 years. Originally based out of Scranton, Pennsylvania, Finch remained a family-owned company well into the 20th century, primarily serving the coal and railroad industries. For years, Finch manufactured a turbine water wheel, an invention of a senior partner, as well as portable engines, mining machinery, circular sawmills, iron fronts for buildings, and steam heating apparatuses.

In 1880, A.P. Finch retired, leaving his son, Irving, as the sole proprietor with approximately 100 employees. By the 1890s, Finch grew to over 200 employees, making Finch one of the leading industries in Scranton. Into the 20th century, Finch manufactured sewer covers that can still be found on the streets of Scranton. In World War II, Finch drilled the insides of U.S. Navy battleship guns and received the Navy’s “E” award for excellence.

In 1960, while the Company operated as Finch Manufacturing Co., the business relocated to West Pittston, Pennsylvania. The relocation signified a strategic shift for the Company as the new location offered a more expansive machine shop.

In 2008, as the economy of the United States experienced one of the greatest recessions, Finch Technology underwent hardships of its own. As a result, Finch was purchased by a group of investors in 2011. Since then, Finch has experienced significant growth due to the Company’s customer-centric focus and investments in the business, which have increased overall capacity.

Today, Finch Manufacturing & Technology crafts steel components of all sizes for the rotary processing industry and many other industries. In early 2019, Finch became an ISO 9001:2015 certified company to demonstrate our commitment to quality further. As a smaller business with immense capabilities, Finch is dedicated to meeting our customers’ needs quickly, efficiently, and with intense attention to detail.

Custom Designed and Fabricated Portable Archaeology Shaker Table

To see current projects being fabricated at Finch

Old Photo of the Finch Shop

Trunnion Refurbishment

Rotary Kiln Sections Leaving Finch

Rotary Kiln Section with Tire and Mounting

Large Rotary Kiln Fabricated Gear

Today’s Finch Manufacturing and Technology

FMT’s management team possesses hundreds of years of managerial, engineering, and manufacturing experience.

Robert Zinnen – CEO & Managing Partner

[email protected]

As CEO and Managing Partner, Bob brings over 30 years of executive decision-making as a GM, COO, CFO, and President in business units ranging from $13,000,000 to $700,000,000 while managing 50 to 1,100 people. Bob actively leads FMT’s strategic and operational planning and works hand in hand with the FMT team by leveraging his experience in financial management, project management, and business development. Over the past five years, Bob has given many hours of volunteer work to veteran’s organizations in the Philadelphia region. Bob served five years in the US Army with supply chain management expertise before being medically retired as a Captain in 1991. Bob graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point and received his master’s from Johns Hopkins University. Bob is a Service-Disabled Veteran.

Michael J.  Brown – Executive Vice President & COO

[email protected]

Mike has over 30 years of experience in manufacturing steel parts and components and over 20 of those years as a General Manager. Mike’s real-world and tested knowledge of steel and its fabrication ensures that routine jobs are easy and is critical in finding the most expedient means in a time-sensitive project. He has had up to 100 employees and managed multi-million-dollar accounts. His knowledge of steel and milling processes is unmatched. He also completed courses in Business Management and Training.

Michael E. Batyko – VP of Engineering

[email protected] 

As our VP of Engineering, Mike leads our design and engineering department and plays a crucial role in our DESIGN-BUIILD-INSTALL success. Mike is a master’s level mechanical engineer with over ten years of experience in design, process, and manufacturing. Mike comes from a highly hands-on mechanical background with a quick understanding of the moving parts and workflow. Mike likes working with customers to ensure their process is optimal or to solve any issue. He takes great pride in working closely with our customers to ensure their process is optimal and that the project meets or exceeds their expectations. Mike is a Rochester Institute of Technology graduate receiving his master’s from Wilkes University. 

Daniel Rodriguez – Senior Project Engineer

[email protected]

As a Senior Project Engineer, Dan spends much of his time on engineering design and solid modeling. He enjoys working on the Design – Build – Install projects and the reverse engineering projects. Dan graduated from Penn State University with a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Engineering Mechanics. At Penn State, Dan worked on the PSU FSAE team and interned at PennDOT, where he helped design and inspect bridges. Dan enjoys tinkering with electro-mechanical components and helping friends and family with mechanical problems.

Kadir Kanik – Project Engineer

[email protected]

Kadir dedicates most of his time to design and solid modeling, where he thrives on collaborating with his team. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Aerospace Engineering from Montana State University. During his time there, Kadir actively contributed to a polymer research laboratory and led the design of an automated polymer cutter. He enjoys reading history and DIY projects.

Bill Boyle – Sales Specialist

[email protected]

As a Sales Specialist, Bill’s goal is to identify Target accounts and begin adding them to Finch’s family of satisfied customers. Bill uses relationship building to make customers trust and turn to him for exceptional customer service. Bill studied at Susquehanna University and has over 20 years of experience as a successful sales Professional in Wastewater/Water, Fleet Management, and Construction Equipment.

Samantha Zinnen – Director of Marketing / Government Inquiries 

[email protected]

Samantha spearheads our work with federal, state, and local government agencies. Sam spent a number of years working at the corporate office of one of the largest healthcare companies in a communication, marketing, and education role. She is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a BA in History. Sam also worked as a historian and researcher for the MIA department at the University of Wisconsin and worked diligently in helping bring home some of the missing soldiers from World War II.