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DESIGN-BUILD-INSTALL (D-B-I) has become a significant factor in Finch’s success. Our tested project management and broad manufacturing capabilities allow us to deliver the total rotary processing system on time and within budget to our customers. This allows our customers to focus their time on their core businesses. These projects take intense coordination, communication, teamwork, and a skilled design and production team. We often upgrade or increase customer throughput during the design process. If requested, our team will be in constant communication or establish periodic meetings that outline the exact project status. During installation, we will have a skilled Project Engineer on-site who has been part of this project and helped design it! We are fortunate that our track record demonstrates that once we manage a large project, our customers come back to Finch for their next major project.

Customer Testimonial

With the old dryer, we were producing approximately 12 tons of product per hour, and now we are producing 18 tons per hour with the new unit. Further, the operating availability time for the old dryer was around 75%, and now the new dryer is giving us close to 100%.

Example Projects in Detail

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3 Ea. APR AFTERBURNERS (Thermal Oxidizers) for the U.S. Army

U. S. Coast Guard Patrol Boat Lifting Sling

Stainless Steel Modular Animal/Swine Pens

Aluminum Custom Archeological Shaker System

Replacement Rotary Dryer

Kiln – Slip on Tire

Corporate-Wide Standardization of Trunnions for Metal Recycling Furnaces

Kiln Repair – Replacement of Two Tire Sections

Design, Build, and Install New Dryer for Aluminum Processing

Inspection, Engineering, Design, Modification, and Installation support to convert Asphalt Dryer to Coal Dryer

Design, Fabricate and Install 41’ Mixer Shaft Assembly

Kiln Modernization Project

Chemical Kiln Upgrade Project

Concrete Kiln Pier Modernization & Tire Repair

Rotary Chemical Test Kiln Fabrication

Rotary Dryer Modernization

Rotary Cooler Replacement

List of Additional Projects (D-B-I)

  • 300 HP Drive System with Adjustable Base Frame – (D-B-I) for a Rotary Dryer
  • UT Thickness Inspection of Rotary Kiln
  • Design & Manufacturing of Rotary Seal Systems
  • Corporate-wide Engineering Study and Reliability Analysis of 22 Rotary Kilns and Dryers
  • Machine (2) 2-piece 134” OD Replacement Tires for a Rotary Dryer Project Mgmt & Install
  • Kiln Modernization Engineering
  • 224T Spur Gear for 10’ OD Rotary Kiln
  • Refurbish 42” Thrust Roller for a Rotary Dryer
  • Calciner Flange Machining & Refurbishment
  • Custom Designed Automatic Lubrication Systems for Rotary Kiln Gears and Chain/Sprocket Drive Systems – (D-B-I)
  • Babbitt Slide Shoes for a Cement Finish Mill
  • Spur Gear Refurbishment
  • Bronze Bushings & Bearings
  • Rotary Ball Mill – Emergency Spur Gear Retrofitting and Install
  • Machined and Installed 158T Spur/Pinion Gear Set during an Emergency Outage
  • Corporate-wide Study & Report for Best Lubrication Practices
  • Machined, Supplied, & Installed 152” Tire on Rotary Furnace
  • Engineering Supervision of Drive System Install and Tire Remounting on a Rotary Dryer
  • Designed & Fabricated 2 Shell Tire Segments, 10’ diameter x 6’ by 2” thick, with 141” x 12” Tires & Pads & 4 30” x 14” Trunnion Assemblies & 27” Thrust Rollers
  • 13” OD x 5” Face Forged Trunnions Rollers with Bearings
  • Custom Designed Thrust & Non-Thrust Base Frames
  • Split Spur Gears with 150T & 14” Face
  • 24” OD x 13.25” Face Forged Trunnions
  • 42” Thruster Rollers with Bronze Bearings
  • Leaf Seal Kit
  • Dryer Training Course Customized to Facility
  • 17” dia x 12” Tall Thrust Rollers with Bearings
  • 93” OD x 86” ID x 7” Face Tires
  • Babbitt Shoes and Bearings
  • Cement Kiln 12’ OD x 30’ Shell Section Replacement with 14’ Tire – (D-B-I)
  • 12” OD x 16’ Rotary Test Kiln completed w/Base Frame & Components (D-B-I)
  • Ball Mill Modernization & Replacement – Engineering, Fabrication, and Install
  • 9’ OD x 60’ Long Rotary Dryer System – (D-B-I)
  • Metal Recycling Rotary Kilns & Base Frames
  • 5’ OD x 40’ Long Rotary Dryer – (D-B-I)
  • Kiln Modernization Engineering
  • Rotary preheater for Glass Manufacture – Design and fabrication
  • 5’ OD Rotary Trommel Mill Redesign – Engineering
  • Engineering Study and Modernization Design for 12’ OD x 150’ Rotary Kiln
  • New Dryer, Drum 6’ x 36’, Flighting, Shop Mounted Tires, Floating Pad System & Sprocket, & new Drive System, Base Frames, Trunnions & Thrust Rollers
  • Designed & Fabricated 2 Shell Tire segments, 10’ diameter x 6’ by 2” thick, with 141” x 12” tires & pads & 4 30” x 14” trunnion Assemblies & 27” thrust rollers.
  • Shuttle Conveyor Systems Complete – Fabrication & Installation
  • 42’ Long Agitator & Mixer Assembly – Fabrication & Installation
  • Custom Tension Rods and Custom Nuts for Rotary Crusher
  • Numerous Screw Augers of Varying Sizes
  • 87’ Coastal Patrol Boat Lifting Sling System
  • Designed and Fabricated 68 Stainless Steel Modular Swine Pens for the USDA
  • Shim Kits
  • Floating Shaft Bolts
  • Large Beveled Edged Washers
  • Custom Shoulder Bolts & Custom Nuts
  • Steel Door Frames
  • Compactor Augers with various size Shafts
  • Inlet and Outlet Hoods
  • Base Frames
  • Construction Grating
  • Cable Reels
  • Custom Duct work