Project Overview

Finch built a multi part lifting sling system to move the Marine Protector-class 87’ Coastal Patrol Boat out of the water for refurbishment and sales overseas. This fabrication process required NDT verification of welds before and after the proof test. This lifting sling had to lift at least 220,000 pounds and this capability had to be certified prior to acceptance and delivery.

Project Specifications

  • Worked with government team to finalize fabrication and proof test details.
  • Order, cut, drill, and fit all steel components.
  • After welding, provide 3rd party inspections and certifications for pre-assembled components showing they meet all requirements.
  • Prime and paint the steel spreader bars Coast Guard Orange or “Spar”.
  • Order and install specialized bridle assembly with shackles, wire ropes with sockets, and slings prior to testing.
  • Ship completed sling system to 3rd party testing site for certification and show sling holding > 220,000 pounds of weights via pictures and video. This was the hardest aspect of this job to find a company with enough counterweights and capable of this heavy rigging.
  • Ship Lifting sling to Coast Guard base in Baltimore. This lifting sling is currently in operations lifting the coastal patrol boats in and out of the water for refurbishment.

Project Images