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Missing that critical drawing on an older component or part that needs to be replaced?

If so, Finch Manufacturing and Technology has the capability to completely reverse engineer, retrofit, and modernize all components of your rotary process equipment. Trunnions, thrust rollers, gears – you name it, we can engineer it!

Send your equipment to be skillfully measured at our facility or we can have our highly trained engineers come to your facility to measure on-site. Our thorough process will make sure all critical design requirements of your components are accounted for.

Fit – Form – Function, the three key words that we will guarantee for your rotary process replacement needs.  To achieve this, Finch’s engineers will make 3-D models and drawings to fabricate your equipment from the highest quality materials and will also make design recommendations to improve your equipment – adding reliability and uptime!

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today, we will ensure that you have the equipment needed to meet your production goals!

Refurbished 39” Thrust Roller – New Bronze Base, Bronze Bushing, and Thrust Roller Head Retrofit with an Old Housing