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Looking to increase your internal rotary equipment knowledge?

Finch offers on-site, hands-on personnel training tailored to your company’s needs.

The training program features both classroom and field instruction.

Classroom Presentation:

  • Review of rotary equipment components and operation
  • General maintenance plans aimed at increasing reliability
  • Rotary equipment best practices to maximize uptime
  • Basic alignment training
  • Key points to look for in your preventative maintenance schedule

Field Training:

  • Guided walk around of your equipment, reviewing and applying the knowledge gained in the classroom
  • Optional: Hands-on alignment training, under the supervision of Finch’s experts, where you can learn firsthand to adjust the float of the unit for optimal performance

This program is geared toward more than just your maintenance staff and bettering their understanding and proficiency with your rotary equipment. Our training can significantly benefit your team who aren’t regularly in the field, such as your office staff, by helping them better understand the equipment and its components.

If this interests you, reach out to us today! 570-655-2277