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Is your lubrication up to par?

Finch Manufacturing and Technology partners with industry leading experts to provide auto lubrication systems to meet your exact needs.

Finch can come to your site to assess the areas in need and help to provide a solution for your lubrication needs.  We can scope the correct lubrication type as well as lubrication frequency using our auto lubrication systems.

Our auto lubrication systems are contained in a rugged NEMA 4X enclosure and powered by typical 110 VAC. A separate controller is also included to blow excess grease from the nozzles, keeping them from clogging. There is also a warning light to indicate any errors or when the grease barrel is low making the system completely foolproof!

The many benefits to an auto lubrication system include:

  1. Helping to increase safety by keeping workers from lubricating in hard to access areas.
  2. Having trusted repeatability so that the correct amount of lubrication is administered on time every time!
  3. Our systems are fully adjustable so you can tailor it for your operations. Need help making an adjustment? Contact Finch!
  4. Reduce waste by taking the guesswork of how much lubrication to administer.
  5. Our systems are metered to the exact amount reducing excess lubrication and saving time and money.
  6. Free up your manpower from a messy job for other critical preventative maintenance measures needed around your plant keeping you up and running!

Reach out to FMT today to discuss all your lubrication needs and to see how we can help save manpower time, increase safety, increase reliability and uptime, resulting in saved costs!