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Do you know Finch?

We are more than just Rotary Processing Equipment!

General Machining – From inches to feet and ounces to tons.

Shafts – Augers – Flanges – Gears – Sprockets – Bushings – Custom Hardware, and more.  We can machine any part that you may have!

CNC Capabilities – Finch has small and large CNC milling and turning capabilities. Whether it is just one or a full run of parts, Finch can do it.

Fabrication/Welding – From custom base frames, guarding, housings, ductwork, and even swine pens and boat lifts.  If you need it, we can build it!

Babbitt & Bronze – Have an old babbitt bearing?  We can refurbish it! We can also machine new bronze parts for all your bearing needs.

Reverse Engineering – Have an old or discontinued part that you need?  With or without existing documentation, we can measure, model, and draw the part for you no problem!

Project Management – Need help streamlining and organizing your project? Our advanced project management engineers can assist you in optimizing your schedule!

Specialized Machinery – For example, our 750-ton wheel press can press out any shaft you have!

At Finch, we pride ourselves on our decades of Rotary Processing experience, but that is not all that we can do to help your facility.

Give us a call at 570-655-2277 and see what our highly skilled team with years of engineering and manufacturing experience can do for you!