Project Overview

Finch designed, built, and donated this custom Aluminum archeological shaker system for an amazing non-profit that travels the world searching for MIA’s.  Finch’s skilled engineers worked with his great organization to create a shaker system that was safe, sturdy, assembled without tools, and adaptable to remote locations.

Project Specifications

  • After a few initial meetings and concepts, we designed this system
  • Made of strong, lightweight aluminum to with stand rugged and wet environments
  • Designed with telescoping legs and supports to fit in smaller 4-foot shipping containers
  • Adjustable shaker trays allow for the easy replacement of the screens for sifting different-sized material
  • Adjustable tray height
  • Configure for one to four trays
  • Designed for speedy assembly with large quick-release pins and No tools
  • Looks great and is very safe

Project Images