Project Overview

Finch worked closely with the customer and used old drawings and site measurements to design an enhanced replacement dryer. This was a complete system replacement to include drive system, supporting base frame, trunnions, and thrust rollers.

Project Specifications

  • Drum 6’ x 36’ Long
    • Includes spiral flighting at the entrance to drum and lifters throughout
    • Shop-mounted tires and floating pad systems
    • Shop Mounted Drum sprocket with angle iron mounts
  • Drive
    • 30 HP SEW Gearmotor and pinion sprocket to drive drum at 8.7 RPM
    • A 200 roller chain with an adjustable base for axial alignment and transverse movement to the tension chain
    • Fits the current concrete base
  • Supporting Base Frames, Trunnions, and Thrust Rollers
    • Fits the current concrete base and frames are machined to ensure bearings are in place to maximize bearing life
    • Trunnion assemblies – 15” diameter x 7-1/2” forged and hardened trunnions
    • Modified Finch 12” Thrust Rollers
  • Burner
    • Designed for a combustion Webster HDRV natural gas burner which was chosen to reduce lead time from 52 to 12 weeks
  • This project was completed in 16 weeks and was on budget and ahead of schedule.
  • During site visits, it was determined that the existing outlet hood could be utilized to save money.

Project Images