Project Overview

Finch worked closely with the corporate engineering team and the
numerous sites to modernize and standardize the trunnions used throughout the many sites. Trunnions were designed by standardizing the sizes for the trunnion heads and shafts, bearings, and housings, and metal type and hardness. This standardization reduced capital requirements by providing high quality and longer lasting trunnions and reduced the number of spares needed by this corporation. Finch also developed a program to refurbish trunnions. The site(s) send the damaged trunnions to Finch and each trunnion is inspected and a new quote utilizing the usable parts is sent back for approval. Many times, the trunnion rollers/heads and housings are reusable thus reducing the cost and manufacturing time. On one order, 9 of the 10 housings were reusable.

Project Specifications

  • The Finch engineering team worked closely with our customer’s corporate engineers, the site engineers and maintenance teams.
  • Finch reviewed all the furnace drawings and utilized data from site inspections to develop a standard trunnion assembly to include roller and shaft size(s), hardness, bearings, housings, and grease.
  • Upon customer plan approval, these standardized trunnions have a part number and the different sites just send in Purchase Orders for the number needed.
  • The new standardized trunnions are:
    • Forged roller and shafts, shrunk fit
    • Roller face hardened post assembly
    • Standardized bearings, housings, seals, end caps, and grease
    • Painted and Cosmoline added for storage
  • Finch has shipped trunnion assemblies to sites other than the ordering facility due to emergencies thus reducing downtime.
  • Often, sites utilize Finch Project Engineers to manage the replacement and to get a proper alignment to extend the trunnion’s life and enhance furnace efficiency.