Project Overview

A turnkey proposal for kiln repairs requiring Finch to design, fabricate, and install two new tire shell sections and tires on a unit previously supplied by Finch in the late 80’s. The trunnions, thrust rollers, bull gear, pinion assembly, and gear guard were also replaced. Finch managed the installation of the new sections, tires, and other components and provided startup support to ensure proper operation.

Project Specifications

  • Engineering visit to confirm all dimensions and customer needs.
  • Worked with customer and other contractors to determine the site-specific requirements of the install to reduce downtime.
  • Designed replacement shell sections, tires, pad systems and other components.
  • Developed an efficient installation plan to limit impact on customer’s production and provided drawings for customer’s approval.
  • Fabricated the (2) 10’ diameter x 6’ by 2” thick shell sections, the (2) 141” diameter x 12” wide tires and pad systems.
  • Fabricated the (4) 30” x 14” face trunnions with new bearings, and the (2) 27” head thrust rollers.
  • Provided the installation team as well as the project engineer to manage the process.
  • Aligned all components and shimmed tires for smooth operation.
  • Project was completed on-time and under budget.

Project Images