Project Overview

Work with customer to design and build a new dryer that increases their throughput by over 25%.  This included all supervisory and engineering responsibilities to design, build, unload, assemble, install, and commission the system. The commissioning process had production requirements throughout the process which were exceeded by 30%.

Project Specifications

  • Design and engineer replacement dryer system to increase throughput by 25% with detailed engineering, technical, and layout drawings.
  • Design and engineer new supporting structure and base frames.
  • Verify operating HP required and design upgraded drive system.
  • Work with customer to develop outage plan and receive design approval.
  • Build drum, frame, trunnions, thrust rollers and drive system.
  • Supervise assembly and installation of equipment.
  • Provide commission support and evaluate system throughput with customer.
  • Provide all manpower and equipment to install and assemble the system.
  • Arrange off-site storage and delivery of system.
  • Provide training, operational, and maintenance manuals.
  • Provided quarterly inspections to ensure proper operation and maintenance.

Project Images