Project Overview

Inspection, Engineering, Design, Modification, and Installation support to convert Asphalt Dryer to Coal Dryer

Inspect, engineer, modify, and refurbish components to convert an Asphalt Dryer and base frame into a coal dryer.  This included patching the drum, moving, and installing the bag house, all associated duct work, and conveyor system.  Finch also relocated the control room, refurbished a thrust roller, and ground (2) tires and (2) trunnions to run true.  Lastly, the drum was laser aligned for free-floating operation and startup support was provided.

Project Specifications

  • Engineering required initial site visits, a detailed inspection plan report with recommendations, and a detailed installation plan
  • Refurbish one thrust roller, grind two tires and two trunnions on-site, and provide patches for the drum
  • Set base frame on new concrete pads and install drum and thrust roller
  • Install breeching duct work and bag house
  • Install pneumatic blower into bag house discharge and storage silo
  • Install and reassemble mineral silo
  • Relocate and install sling conveyor under dryer as well as feed and discharge conveyors
  • Perform full laser alignment and start up engineering support
  • This project included install team, engineer, cranes, welders and manlifts

Project Images