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Are Your Spares Quality Components?  Are they on-hand?

During visits to the different customer facilities, we have noticed a trend of fewer spares due to the rising costs of these component parts, management changes, or complete inventory depletion.   One customer just asked us to manage this for them and create an optimal and cost-effective solution.   Spare parts are inexpensive when compared to downtime, lower unit throughput, or reduced efficiency.

Are your spare parts of good quality and designed to optimize your system’s performance, by being the exact form, fit, and function required for your Kiln or Dryer?

We have noticed some customers do not realize they should get the steel certified with a specific hardness for each component or know that 4140 steel is significantly stronger than 1040 or off-the-shelf steel.  Are the quotes of the same quality specifications or is the price the main factor in the purchase decision?  Remember, if it is too good to be true, it often is and can lead to higher costs down the line, such as accelerated wear or even failure.

FinchMT’s quotes provide more than dimensions and costs. We list the recommended type of steel, hardness, bearings, and grease specifications based on our records and experience to ensure longer lasting components. While there may be a need for a lower-cost option, FinchMT quotes a lesser-quality product only if it precisely fits the need or specifically requested.

Contact the Finch Team at the main office 570-655-2277 or Bill Boyle 570-328-0242 today to discuss high quality parts at a very competitive price that will be the exact form, fit, and function you need for longer life components that saves money over its life cycle!